Creative Leadership Platform Manifesto

Rapid innovation is the new norm. Disruptive business models everyday reality. Today, no sooner does a new product or serve catch on than another more promising one appears on the horizon. This is the competitive landscape in which we live, and it shows no signs of changing anytime soon. In the race to innovate, there will always be the few that lead and the many that follow. The reality is, most of us are caught playing catch-up. Little time to think, even less to act. Staying ahead may be the name of the game, but keeping up is difficult enough on its own.Unless we pool our resources, use our collective intelligence and take control.

The Creative Leadership Platform is a social platform designed to help experienced professionals stay one step ahead of the rest. A network of like-minded individuals who already share a passion for innovation yet lack the intimate and close-knit platform to take that passion to the next level. A physical community working together to successfully navigate today’s innovations and actively lay the foundation for the innovations of tomorrow. From human-centered organization and service innovation to prototyping new value propositions and new business models, we’re not just another club, but a platform for nonlinear thinking. Workshops, informal meet-ups, one-day events, bite-size sessions, literature lists and mentorship, we’re mot a place to play catch-up, but a proactive community looking to expand networks and drive change.

Radically changing times demand radically new perspectives. Welcome to the new landscape for innovation.

Creative Leadership Platform Foundation

The Creative Leadership Platform (former DesignersDNA) Foundation is a platform for experienced innovation professionals to share knowledge and experience in using design thinking in innovation and change within large corporate global organizations. Our aim is to increase our knowledge, capabilities, encourage new partnerships and explore collaborations. We will organize informal sessions in which we will explore questions like: How can we change our Business Model from a product oriented into service oriented? What are the best practices? Which resources and capabilities are needed for successful service Innovation? What can be said about the expected return of Investment (ROI) of service innovation?

Our intention is to gather an inspirational group of innovation professionals with considerable experience in dealing with design, innovation and organizational transformation.

We are very proud to have these brands amongst our members: Adidas, Autodesk, Bosch, Brabantia, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bank, DSM, Essent, Fokker, IBM, Nationale Nederlanden, Océ Canon, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Rabobank, Rijkswaterstaat, RWE, SAP, Schiphol, TU Delft, Vodafone, Volkswagen.



On May 25th a large group of the DesignersDNA Foundation members gathered at AkzoNobel for a high-energy Innovation Session. 

Challenge of this meetup: 'Preparing large organizations to adapt to a fast changing world with, becoming more lean with a strong focus on customer. A challenge that many corporates today are facing.'

The Innovation Team of AkzoNobel shared their…

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On February 15 we hosted a dinner event for 45 people at the NL Studios in Amsterdam. We had the pleasure of diving into the world of brand based service interactions. Mauricy Filho showed us how closely interlinked brand identity and customer experience are, and how in practice the opposite is often the case. His high paced story was packed with live examples and the audience was challenged to think about what brand…

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At first sight, fast changing environments, linear structures in corporates and Design Thinking do not always seem to be a good match.
So, Where do you start; How do you drive innovation in such an environment; Should you stay close to the business or as far away as possible; How do you drive co-creation; Who do you involve internally?

With a group of about 30 service designers & innovators working in a variety of industries we have exchanged information and worked on a…

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Presentation Katharina Berger

Dear D*DNA members,

First of all thank you so much for having been with us on the 26th of May for our network dinner and workshop with Katharina Berger. It was great to meet you all, enjoying the sunny evening and the inspiring session!

Clicking here you can find the presentation of Katharina Berger available on…

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