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On May 25th a large group of the DesignersDNA Foundation members gathered at AkzoNobel for a high-energy Innovation Session. 

Challenge of this meetup: 'Preparing large organizations to adapt to a fast changing world with, becoming more lean with a strong focus on customer. A challenge that many corporates today are facing.'

The Innovation Team of AkzoNobel shared their experience with the group. How did AkzoNobel handle this and what happened after they opened their innovation centre D-Edg? The first months have been a big success for them, with loads of enthusiastic responses and active participation of employees from all around the globe.

After learning from their experiences, also an interactive hands-on session took place with a group of around 30 Service Designers on a challenge that many of us recognize: 'How might we create an environment where Design Thinking can flourish and lead to a customer centric approach?’ 
Many ideas on how to boost Design Thinking in a large organization were shared and left us inspired. Many thanks to Nina Maldonado for making this happen. We will keep you posted on future Meetups.
On behalf of Nina Maldonado (AkzoNobel) and DDNA Foundation Lex Dekkers (ABN AMRO), Geesje Falcke (Philips Academy), Arne van Oosterom & Thomas de Bresser (DesignThinkers Academy)
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On February 15 we hosted a dinner event for 45 people at the NL Studios in Amsterdam. We had the pleasure of diving into the world of brand based service interactions. Mauricy Filho showed us how closely interlinked brand identity and customer experience are, and how in practice the opposite is often the case. His high paced story was packed with live examples and the audience was challenged to think about what brand experience their company brand is looking to deliver and what 'persona' their company represents.

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At first sight, fast changing environments, linear structures in corporates and Design Thinking do not always seem to be a good match.
So, Where do you start; How do you drive innovation in such an environment; Should you stay close to the business or as far away as possible; How do you drive co-creation; Who do you involve internally?

With a group of about 30 service designers & innovators working in a variety of industries we have exchanged information and worked on a specific ABNAMRO challenge.

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